Bologna 2015

Nadja Djurovic Larsen Denmark

 Text from the catalog:

My paintings at TREVISAN INTERNATIONAL ART exhibition in Bologna interpret the term “Remix”, which is most commonly associcated with music and songs, describing how an original piece of media can be changed and altered in order to create something new.

Likewise, I have tried to create a pictorial remix of my abstractions from Montenegro in 2015.

I believe that, as an artist and human being, remix is necessary because you constantly learn and live in order to reassess values ​​and priorities in ones life.

I had my upbringning in the Balkans (Belgrade) and lived most of my adult life in Denmark. This dislocation, one might say, has indeed led to regular attemps to “remix” both as a person and as an artist in order to rediscover oneself again.

I have been privileged to exhibit at several juried international solo and group exhibitions in Denmark , Sweden, Germany , Serbia , the Netherlands, Dubai and the USA ( NY).

I hope you enjoy my pictorial remixes!